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Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Contractor for Residential Client in Highland Park, IL 60035

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Highland Park IMG 6263Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service often provides tree trimming and tree removal services for residential clients in Highland Park, IL. Most home owners do not realize that your local municipalities require permits to perform tree trimming and/or removal in relation to maintenance of your private trees.  This project is a good example of why you should trust a tree removal contractor that is familiar with your local municipalities ordinances. As this project included the removal of a 38" Elm tree. Due to our familiarity with the City of Highland Park, IL tree ordinance, our certified Arborist was able to prove to the City of Highland Park that this tree was dead, diseased or dying. Therefore, no mitigation was required in association with the removal of this tree.

Even more concerning than the threat of tree mitigation (which is a fine assessed by the City of Highland Park for the removal of preserved trees), was the fact that this large tree existed directly over Comed power lines. Another concern was the many other trees that required trimming directly over this customers home. Selecting a trusted Tree Removal Contractor such as Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service allowed this customer to rest assured knowing that beyond our in-depth experience in trimming and removing trees in a safe and secure manner, our company is licensed, bonded and insured. Passing the liability of any possible damages or injuries on to your contractor is why you select a professional tree contractor as opposed to asking your landscaper to remove or trim trees in dangerous and/or hard to get to places. Image having your non-professional dropping a tree limb onto your home or even worse onto a power line that may result in your entire neighborhood losing electrical power. That would be not only embarrassing, but also expensive!

Our skilled team of Certified Arborists, Project Managers and Tree Technicians have the right tools for the job and many years of experience in removing trees and trimming trees over homes or other overhead utilities such as power lines. Our team will handle your project with care. Whether your project requires a bucket truck with a cherry picker or requires our staff to physically climb your tree to prune your trees crown, Winkler's is ready to mobilize and complete your tree removal and/or tree trimming needs. 

Having performed tree removal and tree trimming at this Highland Park Residents home on previous occasions, this homeowner was already aware that we not only complete the job as needed, we also cleaned up and removed any debris resulting from such operations. Having the right tools for the job is always important. We will not only remove any limbs using our mobile chipper or tree trunks that remain using our truck mounted cranes, we will also return to grind your stumps and restore the disturbed area as needed.

If you require a tree trimming or tree removal contractor that is local to Highland Park, IL then call Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service today to schedule services.



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