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Northbrook Village Greenx150Winkler's Tree Service provides tree and lawn care for residential, commercial and municipal clients throughout the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Our level of service is the same, despite the value of your project!

This blog article features a recent project where Winkler's performed Gypsy Moth Treatments for our client the Village of Northbrook Park District. As part of regular maintenance, and as part of a progressive plan to protect trees in the Village of Northbrook's Village Green, Winkler's applied gypsy moth treatments to over 100 trees.

Highland Park IMG 6263Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service often provides tree trimming and tree removal services for residential clients in Highland Park, IL. Most home owners do not realize that your local municipalities require permits to perform tree trimming and/or removal in relation to maintenance of your private trees.  This project is a good example of why you should trust a tree removal contractor that is familiar with your local municipalities ordinances. As this project included the removal of a 38" Elm tree. Due to our familiarity with the City of Highland Park, IL tree ordinance, our certified Arborist was able to prove to the City of Highland Park that this tree was dead, diseased or dying. Therefore, no mitigation was required in association with the removal of this tree.