Emergency Tree Removal: When and Why It’s Necessary

Emergency Tree Removal: When and Why It's Necessary

Think about waking up to a loud, scary crash in the middle of a windy night. When you step outside, you see a sizable tree that the strong winds have knocked over, blocking your road and posing an immediate threat to your property. Unexpected, dangerous, and happening more and more often—this is one situation where […]

Why Hire a Professional for Tree Pruning: Expertise Matters

Why Hire a Professional for Tree Pruning Expertise Matters

Imagine strolling around your property when a loose, dangling branch nearly drops on you. A hair-raising experience like that is what we at Winkler Tree & Lawn Care strive every day to protect you from.  Whether it’s the potential danger of falling branches or ensuring the overall health of your trees, there’s no replacement for […]

When to Prune Trees: A Seasonal Tree Pruning Calendar

When to Prune Trees_ A Seasonal Tree Pruning Calendar

As we welcome the changing hues of leaves with each season, an essential topic that can never be overstressed in tree care practices is pruning. Utilizing the pruners at the right time can make all the difference between a thriving tree and one heading toward decline.  Whether it’s your majestic oak tree or your beloved […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pruning Trees in Winter

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pruning Trees in Winter

Your trees are not taking a break over the winter. As the rest of nature sleeps, your backyard giants prepare for a season of harsh weather, which might have disastrous consequences. More shockingly, some of these negative effects result from homeowners unintentionally harming themselves or their trees while performing winter trimming tasks. Your good intentions […]

Trees For Pollinators

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Blooming Havens – The Top Trees For Pollinators Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and birds, play a critical role in the pollination of plants, ensuring the reproduction and diversity of many species. Trees that provide abundant nectar, pollen, and habitat are essential for supporting these important pollinators. In this article, we will explore the top […]

Tree Removal

The Benefits of Tree Removal for Your Homes Energy Efficiency While trees provide numerous benefits such as shade, aesthetics, and environmental value, there are situations where tree removal can be beneficial for improving your home’s energy efficiency. Strategic tree removal can optimize solar gain, increase airflow, and reduce shade where needed. In this article, we […]

Storm Aftermath

How To Care For Your Trees After A Storm

How To Care For Your Trees After A Storm Severe storms can cause significant damage to trees, compromising their health, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal. After a storm passes, it is crucial to assess and provide appropriate care for your trees to promote their recovery and prevent further damage. In this article, we will outline […]

Breathing Fresh: The Top Trees for Clean Air

breathing Fresh The Top Trees For Clean Air

Trees play a vital role in improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Some tree species are particularly effective at filtering pollutants and purifying the air we breathe. In this article, we will explore the top trees known for their ability to improve air quality and contribute […]

The Role of Trees in Reducing Noise Pollution

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In our fast-paced and noisy world, finding peace and tranquility can be a challenge. However, nature has a remarkable solution to combat noise pollution: trees. These silent guardians not only provide shade and beauty but also play a crucial role in reducing unwanted noise. In this blog post, we will explore the significant impact of […]