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Introducing Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service! Founded in 1975, Winkler's has grown to be one of the largest comprehensive tree and lawn care specialists in the Chicago land area. In addition to being Illinois' first nationally accredited tree care company by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), Winklers is a Certified Arborist and member of both the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Society of Commercial Arboriculture (SCA).

FlossmoorWinkler’s 40+ full-time professionals provide a full range of arboriculture services to residential, commercial and governmental customers. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that our number one priority is safety! 

As a local Flossmoor, IL 60422 tree and lawn care contractor, we do more than just remove trees and trim trees. We also provide various tree preservation services such as root pruning and/or crown pruning that can be performed as regular maintenance or can assist in minimizing impact to trees during construction projects. We also offer various fertilization programs, disease treatments and pest control treatments that can protect your trees from disease and/or invasive insects that make seek to use your trees as a host or home. Winkler's specializes in performing preventative care treatments for Emerald Ash Borer, Dutch elm disease, crab apple scab, oak wilt, hawthorn rust and more.

Winkler's Tree Service employs a team of full time Arborists and technicians which allow us to accurately identify your trees species and diagnose your trees issues. We provide Arborist Assessments and Tree Inventory Services per our customers request or as required by many local municipalities permit processes (resulting from local tree preservation ordinances). Employing a Certified Arborist to author your tree inventory and action plan will result in an accurate and intelligent plan to preserve and maintain the trees on your property.

In addition to our tree and shrub services, Winkler's also provides a complete line of lawn care services which include aeration and fertilization programs that include grub and insect control as well as broadleaf weed control.

Healthy looking lawns do not happen all by themselves. Our team of experts can prescribe a fertilization and treatment package that will be tailored specific to your property’s needs. Our staff will take the time to explain the circumstances that are specific to your lawns deficiencies. We can help you achieve the well-manicured lawn that will make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.

Emerald Ash Borer has arrived in Flossmoor, IL (source Village of Flossmoor Website)

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has arrived in Flossmoor. Through the Public Works routine parkway and private tree survey, 10 trees infested with EAB were identified. Of those 10 trees, six Ash trees were located on Village owned parkway property and four Ash trees were located on private property. these are the first confirmed sightings within Flossmoor's Village limits. Confirmation was made by our certified arborist from Natural Path Forestry who is conducting the Village's Parkway Tree Inventory update. A combination of locating live adult borers and visible signs of EAB activity throughout the infested trees were used for confirmation.

Unfortunately, the infestation was not limited to one small area. The infested Ash trees were found in the northwest, northeast and the southeast sections of Flossmoor. The infested Ash trees were found in the northwest, northeast and the southeast sections of Flossmoor. The infested parkway trees were immediately placed on our parkway tree service removal list. Residents where private trees are identified will be notified to make arrangements for immediate removal and disposal. Because Flossmoor is within a State of Illinois Quarantine area, only licensed Tree Service contractors with a current Illinois Department of Agriculture EAB compliance agreement in place should be utilized to remove Ash Trees. Ash tree owners may ask about treatment options in order to avoid removing their trees; however the only guaranteed method to control Emerald Ash Borer is to remove the host tree(s). When considering usage of insectional control, one should weigh the value of the tree against the cost of treatment.

If you are seeking a local tree contractor or lawn care provider in Flossmoor, IL then look no further. Contact Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service to schedule an appointment.