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Does your lawn have patches of broadleaf weeds? Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service specializes in the removal and/or prevention of broadleaf weeds in the local Chicago area and suburbs.

BROADLEAF-clump of signalWe feel our customers should understand what causes this type of weed and the options to remedy this type of weed. Therefore, we take pride in our approach to doing business, as we enjoy educating our customers on the cause and effect of many of the issues for which we offer services to remedy.

How to verify Broadleaf Weeds: Broadleaf weeds have wider broader leaves as opposed to leaves of grass which appear more like slim blades. Leaves of broadleafs have one main vein from which smaller veins branch away from.

What causes Broadleaf Weeds: Broadleaf weeds are aggressive and tough weeds that spread ac cross weaker areas of your lawn. Areas that have been cut to short provide bare areas where this type of weed might flourish.

How to prevent broadleaf weeds: The best defense is a good offense in the world of weed prevention. The first thing you can do to prevent this type of weed is to allow your grass to maintain a healthy length. This will minimize the amount of weak or bare areas in your lawn where broadleaf weeds might flourish.

If you lawn already contains patches of broadleaved weeds there are a variety of ways to remedy the spread. You could pull them out one by one. However, due to their deep root system they will likely grow back in. 

To kill the this type of weed you must target the entire root and maintain a repetitive treatment schedule. As professional lawn care specialists we utilize commercial grade Broadleaf Weed Control that is applied in granular form on various occasions. These timely applications are done throughout the year for maximum protection and control.

Contact Winkler's Lawn Service so that one of our experienced technicians can inspect your lawn and provide a health report and treatment recommendation today! Every lawn is a work-in-process depending on your lawn's existing condition, our technician will determine a treatment schedule that will result  in the perfect lawn which your neighbors will envy.

"The grass is always greener on the Winkler side."