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Winkler's Tree and Lawn Services offers grub and insect control for tree's and lawn's for clients local to the Chicago area and suburbs. Do not trust retail sold products. If you had a severe cold would you buy over the counter cough medicine, or would you see a Doctor to make sure you had the best prescription medicine possible?

Are you realizing large patches of dead grass in your lawn? Do you notice large adult beetles flying around your yard? This is typically the result of a grub infestation. A bad infestation of grubs could kill your entire lawn if not addressed. How do you know if you have a grub infestation? With little investigation you should be able to detect the presence of grubs in your lawn. Simply peel back your turf or dig a small area up. If you see white larva as pictured to the right, then swift action should be implemented.

White grubs are the larvae of the Japanese Beetle which lays eggs in the soil during the mid-summer. Grubs start feeding on the roots of your turf in late summer and through to early fall. By the time their activity is discovered, the damage has been done, often destroying the entire lawn which leads to it pulling up like carpeting due to the root damage. The best way to protect your lawn is a preventive product that will stop the insects before they get started.

Treating a lawn for grubs is more than just spreading fertilizer and insect control. Implementing an effective treatment often requires some preparation that may require aeration or de-thatching of your turf. As thick mats of thatch or compacted soils could prevent the treatment from reaching the larva where they live. We also know the right time of the year to apply our commercial grade grub control. As it is best to treat for grubs when are newly hatched and smaller. Attacking grubs while they are smaller and weaker is ideal and allows for a more effective treatment.

If you suspect the presence of grubs in your yard and are tired of those ugly brown patches, or if you wish to implement a preventative fertilization program, then contact Winkler's Tree and Lawn Services today to schedule a meeting with a lawn care professional that will inspect your lawn and provide a treatment recommendation that is specific to the circumstances of your property.