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Winkler's Tree Service provides treatments for your Ash Trees that can promote survivability! Here at Winkler's Tree Service we see trees as living things. Though we realize that trees which are in decline should be removed, we also realize that any tree that can be saved should be saved!

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive species that was first discovered in the United States in the state of Michigan in 2002. This invasive species was likely introduced to the U.S. in wood packing material aboard ships or planes. The adult borer’s larvae feeds on the inner bark affecting transport of water and minerals in the tree, causing decline and death of the tree.

To realize the vast impacts, you should understand that from the early 1960's thorough the late 1980's many subdivision developers and municipalities planted ash trees in relation to new residential developments. Then fast forward to the present day and many of these trees are now infested and beginning to show signs of decline. This is problematic because many municipalities have opted to remove their public ash trees as opposed to treating them.  

The Emerald Ash Borer's migration into the local Chicago area and suburbs has created much concern. The invasion has even been described as a "Natural Disaster" by some communities. Many municipalities have acted to take inventory of all Ash Trees both public and private. In addition to removing all public ash trees, many municipalities are also notifying residents of the requirement to remove their private ash trees.

Homeowners should realize that removal is not the only option. In fact the State of Illinois recently created a grant program that will provide funding for local municipalities to treat infested ash trees. Therefore, many Cities and Villages will accept treatment and waive removal requirements. 

While there are several treatment options available, the only treatments accepted by most Cities and Villages are inject-able insecticides. The inject-able products must be applied by a professional and are not available for sale to the general public. 

As a local Arborist and Tree Care Specialist, Winkler's Tree Service has been providing Arboricultural Services for over 35 years. Our Ash Tree treatments are supported by the Department of Agriculture and utilizes the latest science to fend off and strike down infestation.

If you have received notice from your City, Village or Town requesting removal of your ash trees or if you wish to have the trees on your property inventoried and assessed or if you are interested in treatments for your Ash Trees that will combat EAB, then contact Winkler's Tree Service today!