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Winkler's Tree and Lawn Services provides Gypsy Moth Treatments for Municipal, Residential and Commercial clients in the Chicago area. Gypsy Moth's scientific name is Lymantria Dispar. This type of moth is considered an invasive species and must be dealt with before the host trees decline becomes permanent.

GYPSY MOTHGypsy moth infestations are a nuisance to homeowners, and uncontrolled populations can be detrimental to the health of trees as moth larva eat most leaves. Oak Trees usually suffer more than other tree species from an attack. Deciduous trees in good condition prior to infestation can withstand one or two consecutive years of defoliation before decline, while evergreens die after one complete defoliation.

Gypsy moth egg masses are typically laid on branches and trunks of trees, but may be found in any sheltered location, including rocks, foliage and vehicles. Female gypsy moths are flightless, so they lay eggs on the nearest surface from where they emerged from their pupa. 

As a local tree service and tree contractor we maintain in depth knowledge and experience in providing Gypsy Moth preventative treatments. As a matter of fact, Winkler's Tree Service provides Gypsy Moth treatments for many local Cities and Villages sorrounding the Chicago area and suburbs. If you suspect a Gypsy Moth infestation, contact Winkler's Tree Service so that a member of our staff may visit your site to perform a thorough inspection of your trees.