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BLOG Oak Trees Need Pruning in Winter TREE contractorAre you caring for your trees accordingly and being a responsible home owner? Crown pruning also recommended during winter months for all who own trees!

As a local Tree Contractor who serves residential and municipal clients in the Chicago area and suburbs, we read our local newspapers and love to share content that we find relative to our services.

Recently the Chicago Tribune Published an article titled: "Oak Trees Need Pruning in Winter to Avoid Branch Wilt".    You can click on the image of the article to download a printable PDF version.

There are various reasons why our commercial, municipal and city clients perform crown pruning during the winter months. Aside from it being a good time, because the public is hibernating indoors, there are other reasons.  Reasons which are specific to each species of tree. In the case of Oak Trees, they are to be crown pruned during winter months due to this species of tree being subject to Oak Wilt fungus spores which are spread by beetles. Being that beetles are not active during winter months, they are not able to access open pruning wounds.

Please take the time to read this article to discover the reasons why tree pruning and trimming in winter is wise. When selecting a local contractor to assist you with trimming your trees, contact Winkler's for a free estimate.


Chicago Suntimes Article Poison Ivy 

Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service loves to share articles and information which will help our clients become more educated about managing their trees and turf areas. This article provides some good insight on poison ivy.  Did you know that poison ivy can take various forms, such as vines or shrubs. it is important to be able to identify Poison ivy by the shape of it's leaves.  Also, did you know that dogs are not allergic. However, if your dog rubs up against poison ivy that they can transfer it to a human?   

Read the full article by clicking here to view it in PDF format.

We have been telling our clients for years that it is not healthy for your tree when your landscaper piles up extra mulch at the base of your tree. On September 5, 2017 the Chicago Tribune published this article in print, titled: "Extra soil, mulch at base of tree can lead to decay".  You can also read the article in its digital version on the Chicago Tribune website by clicking here.

Chicago Tribune Mulch at Base of Tree


2014-BEST-PICK-winklers-280Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service is proud to announce that we have been designated "Best Pick in 2014" by BestPickReports.com.  This report is published by EBSCO Research who is an independent research firm that currently publishes Home Reports and Best Pick Reports. EBSCO Research evaluates and documents the performance of home service providers in order to equip homeowners with the information they need to make informed decisions. EBSCO Research bases their reports on consumer reviews and testimonials. Therefore, a designation provided as "Best Pick" from EBSCO Research equates to real life customers voting Winkler's as a "Best Pick" when it comes to tree and lawn services in the Chicago area!

Trees in NapervilleWinkler's Tree and Lawn Service strives to educate our clients regarding the specific tree regulations with in their local city or village. As a local Tree Contractor that serves many Chicago area municipalities, we are up to date in understanding each Village or City's tree ordinances and municipal codes. This article provides information to relative to "all things trees", in the City of Naperville. 

Naperville loves trees! Did you notice that they have a tree in their City logo? The City of Naperville, IL spans an area of 39 square miles through DuPage County and Will County in the State of Illinois. As a suburban city just outside of Chicago, Naperville continues to grow! As of 2012 estimates Naperville boasted a population of 143,684. 

Northbrook Village Greenx150Winkler's Tree Service provides tree and lawn care for residential, commercial and municipal clients throughout the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Our level of service is the same, despite the value of your project!

This blog article features a recent project where Winkler's performed Gypsy Moth Treatments for our client the Village of Northbrook Park District. As part of regular maintenance, and as part of a progressive plan to protect trees in the Village of Northbrook's Village Green, Winkler's applied gypsy moth treatments to over 100 trees.

Highland Park IMG 6263Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service often provides tree trimming and tree removal services for residential clients in Highland Park, IL. Most home owners do not realize that your local municipalities require permits to perform tree trimming and/or removal in relation to maintenance of your private trees.  This project is a good example of why you should trust a tree removal contractor that is familiar with your local municipalities ordinances. As this project included the removal of a 38" Elm tree. Due to our familiarity with the City of Highland Park, IL tree ordinance, our certified Arborist was able to prove to the City of Highland Park that this tree was dead, diseased or dying. Therefore, no mitigation was required in association with the removal of this tree.