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Winkler's Tree Service provides local Arborist and Arborial Management Services for residential, commercial and municipal clients in the local Chicago area and suburbs. An arborist or arbor culturist, is an individual that is professionally trained in the practice of arboriculture.

Winkler's Tree Services Arborists can assist in the management and preservation of trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants for our clients. Our tree preservation services include Pre/Post Construction Consulting services as well as fertilization, pest control, pruning, shaping, and tree removal services.

Mature Tree Preservation & Pre/Post Construction Consulting

More and more communities are enacting tree preservation ordinances requiring preservation of trees during new construction. We can develop plans and work with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance.

Tree Replacement Valuations:  Trees are regularly damaged by accidents, storms and even vandalism. Damage requiring removal or replacement can often seriously impact property values. A proper valuation using recognized and accepted valuation methods is essential to settling claims.

Management Plans & Tree Inventories: Our staff will prepare tree maintenance management plans for municipalities, golf courses or other properties with significant tree populations. Our staff has the experience and background to prepare comprehensive plans that reflect all the required data.

Hazard Tree Evaluations: Our arborists use the latest technology to detect decay in trees. The decision to keep or remove should be based on a careful scientific analysis of the tree, site and potential targets.

Soil Testing:  Soil testing prior to selection and planting enhances the probability of a successful transplant. Don't plant without knowing.

Disease Sampling & Testing/Foliar Analysis:  Proper diagnosis is essential before any treatments begin. We do sampling and lab analysis to confirm the presence of pathogens. Foliar analysis is also available.

If you require Arborist services of any kind, contact Winkler's Tree Services today. One of our Arborists will take the time to meet with you and provide a free consultation and estimate that can assist you in managing and maintaining the trees on your property!