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Root Pruning

Winkler's Tree Service specializes in a variety of tree preservation services which include crown pruning trees, root pruning within a trees critical root zone.

CROWN PRUNE small IMG 6326Crown pruning and root pruning are both techniques utilized to preserve trees. Pruning is a horticultural practice which involves the selective removal of parts of a tree, including branches, or roots. Reasons to prune a tree include the need to remove deadwood, tree shaping (trimming to control or directing growth), improving or maintaining health, reducing risk from falling branches, preparing for construction. In relation to construction, crown pruning is often performed prior to construction minimize trucks and equipment from hitting and breaking branches.

Root pruning is also performed previous to construction in efforts to minimize the impacts to a trees critical root zone. Therefore, the roots are cut clean to the depth of the proposed excavation. This reduces the risk of roots being pulled on during construction which could result in shaking a root system all the way back to the trees base. 

Did you know that simply driving heavy equipment over a trees roots can compact the root zone and damage a tree equally as cutting through their roots? Another way to protect a root zone would be to install root zone protection. Root zone protection 

To understand why root pruning is performed, one must also understand what a critical root zone is. The critical root zone is typically determined by extending one foot of radius for every one inch of tree diameter of trunk from the tree as measured at breast height (DBH) or about 4'6" from the ground. However, some municipalities still subscribe to the drop line theory. Where as they consider the critical root zone to exist directly under the drip line of a tree. In either case, you can trust that our familiarity with all the local municipalities ensures that your plan conform with your specific local municipality's tree preservation policy. 

Planning a project is one thing, performing proper crown pruning, root pruning and critical root zone protection is another!