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Wnkler's Tree Service understands that the trees on your property add value to your property. Protecting your investment is important. Trees are living things and require maintenance just as most living things do. Tree fertilization's performed by Winkler's Tree Service will enhance vitality with the objective to promote health in your trees.

Each trees species presents specific ailments or attracts a specific type of invasive species. For instance American Elms may suffer from Dutch Elms Disease, while an Ash Tree is receptive to a certain type of beetle which has been dubbed the Emerald Ash Borer.

Even if your tree is not infested or diseased we can prescribe preventative care treatments that will promote health and reduce the likelihood of disease. In any case, our experienced technicians and/or Arborist will prescribe a tree fertilization that is right for your tree. 

Our tree fertilization programs are tailored custom to your trees species and needs. We prescribe fertilization to correct specific nutritional deficiencies or to protect your trees against invasive species. 

As an experienced Tree Service we will inspect your trees and determine what type of action should taken to promote your trees health. We do not prescribe unnecessary fertilization. As unnecessary fertilization can actually encourage certain insect infestations and leach unused elements into the ground water. 

Fertilization of trees often includes trunk injections which may take place annually or as need (depending on the tree type and level of disease or infestation). Fertilization treatments may also be applied by spraying, applying treated mulch or by injecting air or chemicals into a trees root system. 

Winkler's Tree Service employs three full time Arborists that act as a sort of tree Doctor. We provide tree fertilization programs for local clients in the Chicago area and suburbs. Contact us today so that a member of our experienced staff can inspect your trees and provide an a recommendation or action plan that will best suit your trees needs.