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Winkler's Tree Service provides tree inventory services performed by a Certified Arborist. Having served the local Chicago area and suburbs for over 25 years, we have assisted residential, commercial and municipal clients in managing and inventorying their urban forests.

A complete and accurate tree inventory and/or tree action plan will number all the trees on a site while reflecting each trees' size, species, condition and form. If the inventory is relative to construction, it will also document the percentage of impacts to the trees' critical root zone proposed by construction.

tree-critical-root-zone webDo you have an upcoming project that requires an inventory of the trees on your property? Winkler's Tree Service's Arborists can author a complete and accurate tree inventory which will tag and identify each tree's species, size, condition and form. We will also provide the percentage of critical root zone impacted by any proposed construction, taking account any preservation techniques that could minimize impacts. 

Due to providing tree care services in the Chicago area and suburbs, we are familiar with many of the local municipalities ordinances and policies relevant to tree preservation. Did you know that some Cities and/or Villages require mitigation fees when proposing impacts to trees on your own property? Employing a certified Arborist to author your tree preservation often results in realizing impacts to trees prior to submitting your plan for municipal review. Realizing these impacts provides an opportunity to revise  the plan minimizing impacts to exist within the allowable criteria set forth by each municipalities specific ordinance. Submitting a well thought out, complete and accurate plan very well may save you time and money in relation to the plan review process.

If you have a property or construction site that requires a complete and accurate tree inventory and action plan then contact Winkler's Tree Service to meet with one of our Certified Arborists.