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Our company journey began 45+ years ago with a focus on tree care, but along the way we learned that most landscaping and lawn care providers aren’t aware of or don’t care about the impact their work can have on trees and the ways that trees and lawns interact and compete.

While trees and lawns are both critical design elements in most landscapes, they offer distinct benefits and challenges. Unfortunately the intended benefits may never be achieved if potential incompatibilities are not appropriately managed.

Trees and Lawns are Frequently in Direct Competition

Trees and lawns both require sunlight, water, nutrients, and rooting space to maintain vitality and live up to their genetic potential. In the landscape, every plant competes with their neighbors for these resources.

While shading is the most obvious form of competition, roots also compete below ground for water, nutrients, and space. The majority of fine, water-absorbing tree and grass roots are in the top 6 inches of soil. In this region, grass roots ordinarily occupy a much greater percentage of the soil volume than tree roots and absorb more of the available water and nutrients (especially around young trees).

Tree and Lawn Maintenance Programs are Most Effective When Coordinated

Given their different requirements and the close proximity of tree and lawn roots, the treatment of one may negatively impact the other. Herbicides used in lawn care may cause severe damage to trees when misapplied. Fertilizer applied to one plant will also be absorbed by the roots of a nearby plant. This can be a good thing if done intentionally, but excessive fertilization of either trees or turf can result in excessive aboveground growth or reduced disease and pest resistance.

Winkler’s Approach to Lawn Care

Liquid fertilizer more easily runs off your property and into our shared watershed. This not only prevents the nutrients from being used by your lawn, but it also has serious negative impacts on the environment. At Winkler we exclusively use a slow release granular fertilizer which is manually spread by our technician.

By combining the liquid weed killer with a liquid fertilizer, these lower quality providers spray the weed killer evenly across the entire lawn which does one of two of two things (both bad): either applying too little weed killer where it’s needed (directly on the weeds!) or applying too much where it’s not needed (everywhere else). Winkler sprays weed killer by hand only where needed which is directly where our technicians see weeds! This approach meaningfully reduces the amount of excess herbicide used and minimizes the negative impacts it can have on your trees and the broader ecosystem.

Treating your lawn in this way is a bit more labor intensive, but we know it’s worth it!

The Winkler 7-step program

Granular fertilization plus crabgrass pre-emergent

If your treatment includes a spring overseed a starter fertilizer will be applied in place of the pre-emergent in order to allow the seed to germinate.

Granular fertilization plus post-emergent weed control

This springtime spot treatment eliminates weeds before they become problematic.

Granular fertilization plus grub control

Treatment prevents grubs from feeding on your turf roots, preventing long-term damage and turf loss.

Granular fertilization plus post-emergent weed control

A summer lawn feeding with a spot treatment of weeds.

Granular fertilization plus post-emergent weed control

The roots of cool-season grasses grow and function most vigorously when soil temperatures are cool, making fall a critical time to nourish your lawn.

Fall Core Aeration and Overseeding

The best way to rejuvenate a lawn is with a combination of a core aeration and overseeding. Core aeration helps to move more oxygen, water, and vital nutrients through the root system and aids in correcting thatch and soil compaction problems. Only through overseeding can new grass form. Our seed blend of ryegrass, blue grass, red and creeping fescues improves the diversity and overall
health of your lawn ecosystem.

Lawn winterizer

Granular fertilization that helps to combat harsh winter damage such as desiccation from the lack of moisture or winter burn from cold wind exposure.

Lawn Care Services Across Chicago: Nurturing Landscapes

Our services spread like roots across the Chicagoland, nurturing landscapes in areas including:

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