Tree Treatments (PHC)

Plant Health Care (PHC) is the field concerned with the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of diseases and unhealthy environmental conditions for trees, shrubs, and ornamentals in the landscape.

While some threats are obvious, many others remain unseen by the typical property owner. These unseen threats can undermine the health and vitality of your precious arboreal companions.

Our disease and pest management services serve as vigilant protectors for your trees’ well-being. Our team possesses a deep understanding of tree health, gained through extensive training and experience. Their keen eyes can detect the subtle signs and symptoms that may indicate the presence of diseases or infestations, even before visible damage occurs.

We always seek to minimize the use of synthetic pesticides, but sometimes they are the only effective means of treatment. When needed, we use them in the most targeted way possible in order to prevent collateral damage to the broader ecological environment.

Effective PHC treatment always begins with a thorough Tree Health Assessment conducted by a qualified arborist to identify any current or potential diseases, nutrient deficiencies, or other issues.

Based on the assessment, a recommendation will be made. Frequently that recommendation is simply to continue monitoring the situation over time. Sometimes treatment is urgently required and will be recommended for the soonest appropriate treatment window. Every treatment is tailored to meet your goals, budget, and the unique needs of your property.

We offer an extensive range of treatments to ensure that your plants remain healthy and protected for the long term.

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Deep Root Fertilization and Nutrient Management

Recognizing that healthy trees start from the ground up, we offer fertilization and nutrient management services designed to create a nurturing environment for strong and resilient growth.

Our goal is to provide balanced nourishment that caters to your trees’ specific needs. By supplying the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time, we set the stage for vibrant growth and enhanced disease resistance. This comprehensive care fortifies not only the leaves and branches but also the roots – the very foundation of your trees’ strength.

Our fertilizer blends are delivered via in-ground injections throughout the root zone. This helps improve growing conditions, soil fertility, and water holding capacity by incorporating essential nutrients, chelated micronutrients, organic soil amendments, beneficial bacteria, and humic acids to the soil profile. It promotes plant health, recovery from stress, reverses mineral deficiencies, and stimulates root and plant growth for both new and old trees.

Foliar Sprays

With foliar applications, we spray treatments directly onto the bark or leaf surface, typically 1-4 times per year. This helps protect leaves from diseases and reduces damaging insect populations within the tree. Most foliar treatments are very time sensitive and to be effective must be done during the appropriate treatment window which varies between tree species and annually based on temperature and precipitation fluctuations. Foliar sprays are highly effective against the following:

Trunk Injections

Our trunk injections are administered directly into the living tissue of the tree using industry-leading technology and products. These treatments work quickly and provide multi-year protection, making them an effective systemic solution for many larger diameter trees. We use trunk injections to control insects, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies such as:

Soil Injections

To control insect damage within the tree, we can inject treatments directly into the root system using a root feeder. These annual treatments provide long-lasting systemic protection against diseases and pests such as:
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Plant Growth Regulators

Growth regulators are used to extend the life of trees and shrubs by slowing down vegetative growth. This allows the tree to redirect energy towards defense mechanisms, increasing resistance to insects and diseases. It also promotes the growth of fine fibrous absorbing roots, reducing the detrimental effect of many urban tree stressors.

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