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It’s tempting to think that your trees just take care of themselves. But in reality, they need just as much love and attention as anything else in your yard. Stop making your ornamentals fend for themselves and give them the help that they need with our tree care in Lombard.

Tree Care in Lombard

Here at Winkler Tree & Lawn Care, we bring the gold standard of service into your yard, taking a proactive, detail-oriented approach to giving you the beautiful trees that you deserve. Trust us to do the job right and you’ll finally get the showpiece plants you’ve always wanted!

Our service includes:

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24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree damages your property, falls onto your home or car, or blocks your driveway, our tree removal experts in Elmhurst are here to provide the emergency services!

45+ Years of Experience

Since 1975, we’ve been your local tree care experts—in fact, we were Illinois’ first nationally accredited tree care company!

One-Stop Shop

Not only do we provide outstanding tree service in Elmhurst, but we also offer professional lawn and plant health care programs.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Today my Crabtree was sprayed and the serviceman carefully took down my bird feeders and gently emptied my birdbath prior to spraying. They even took the time to call ahead to let me know they were coming.”

Therese O., Naperville, IL

Illinois’ Most Trusted Tree Care Pros

There are times when tree removal is most definitely an emergency. Dead or dying ornamentals are at constant risk of falling, which can cause serious damage to your property and home. So when you need one removed in a hurry, take advantage of our 24/7 emergency tree service in Riverside, Westerns Springs, La Grange Park, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods!

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